Arts Club

The arts club of PARAMEKKAVU COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCE is to encourage students to express their thoughts , feelings and creativity through the various visual art forms .It enrich student’s experience, motivating, and helping them to develop positive attitude to the college and life beyond the formal education .By hosting an arts club that allows for free expression from students they can feel open to experimenting and creating from their imaginations .The benefits of joining the arts club in college students will have the opportunity to express their self creatively through the extensive art programs offered or they can get a head start on their career by learning a trade. Arts club help them to rejuvenate their artistic talents as well as their personalities thereby creating awareness and appreciation towards artistic pursuits.

EDP Club

The main aim of Entrepreneurship club is to help students to identify new business ideas in them and thereby help to develop future business leaders. The Entrepreneurship Club is a club which makes business men for the future and generates employment opportunities. Its ultimate aim is to cater and develop economic and social wellbeing of students. It is our goal to educate students in many aspects of entrepreneurship emphasizing more on good business ethics, taking right business decisions while maximizing Preloving conditions. Start-ups are most important for societal development nowadays because it can increase our standard of living. The entrepreneurship club in our college acts as an asset to make students self-reliable for future.

Library club

The library club of the college came into being in 2022 with the aim of promoting better use of library and fostering readind habits .Library club provides various opportunities for the students to exchange their ideas to discuss about books and authors .Club focus on the promotion of library activities amoung the students and extents technical and professional support for the nearby libraries.Club conducted Readind day on june 19th.

Literary Club

The Paramekkavu College of Arts & Science's Literary Club assists students in developing their speaking, reading, and writing abilities. The Literary Club has existed and been active for a while.
Student development in self-efficacy, confidence, and general knowledge are all aided by literary clubs. The literary group attempts to foster students' creative abilities. It gives them the chance to develop their own literary abilities while appreciating various genres of literature. Club members get together to talk about literature and writing techniques. Many debates are sparked when members opt to read from their writings during sessions. We occasionally provide feedback and criticism for each other's work.

Nature Club

The Nature club aims at inculcating appreciation of nature among students and encouraging them to participate in variety of conservation initiatives.
The motto of our nature club is “conserve and preserve “.Motivating students to value environment. To make them aware about the grave situation of nature and means for its conservation. By creating awareness on global environmental challenges and developing means to overcome them. Organizing various eco-friendly activities. Conducting botanical excursions and plantation programmes. Organizing workshops and seminars on environment concern issue.

Sports Club

'A healthy mind in a healthy body,' as the saying goes. Sports Club Activities are extremely important in the development of each student's character. Participation in sports on campus appears to be unavoidable given the enormous potential advantages to students. Recognising the importance of sports and fitness for students' physical and mental well-being, our college campus includes a wide range of facilities and equipment encompassing the entire spectrum of sports. Our college has 1.25 acres of playground space. These activities instil in pupils many important life values such as sportsmanship, discipline, and hard work.